Unicorn Queen (Glitterfalls Edition)

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Unicorn Series

Unicorns are magic; so you should surround yourself with them DUH!

GlitterFalls Edition

Mesmerizing Glitter falls like a waterfall giving the extraordinary style a look so exquisite that the Queen herself would be in the "aww".



Unicorn Queen is not just a beautiful case, it has a personality, a personality extraordinarily unique. It is the image of Queen Shraya and her personality itself!


The Ruler of Unicorns

The Unicorn Queen, Shraya is the ruler of all the Unicorns from the very beginning.


She has said to be the one with great intelligence and honor.


She is fearless!

She is virtuous and strong and sticks to what she knows is right.


She is not petty, selfish or manipulative.


Admired by everyone!

She's wonderful and everyone loves her. She's gorgeous, smart, and has a great character. So she holds that head of hers high. 


She's got the right stuff. Even when others aren't around, she has a fantastic etiquette.



  • Waterproof: We design all of our cases to be waterproof and washable.


  • Fingerprint Resistant: We use state of the art material to avoid finger prints that ruin the glossy look.


  • Impact Protection: Designed to absorb impact on fall to minimize or avoid damage, so your phone is protected.


  • Glitter Falls: Unicorn Queen contains Paraffin Oil within which the Glitter Falls like a Waterfall.


Package Includes:

  • 1x Unicorn Queen Case

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