Unicorn Princess (Crystal Edition)

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Aura - The Wise & Beautiful

Aura is a very well educated Unicorn and is the one with the most formal education in the Kingdom. She takes things seriously, almost to a fault, but does all that she can to look out for her friends.

She has an intense need and thirst for knowledge, primarily when it comes to magic and learning her limits. Because of Aura's need to succeed and vast intelligence, she is also very organized but of course she will be a Queen someday!

Faye - The Kind & Cute

There isn't a kinder soul in all of Kingdom than Faye. She's always ready to help a friend in need, especially the four-legged furry kind. Just ask anyone, they'll all tell you the same thing that: Faye always puts others first.

Of course, she'd never tell you that herself, 'cause she's a little... well... shy. Now she'll have to muster up her courage and find her inner strength to help her sister Aura.

Luckily, she's got the most magical power of all on her side, the power of friendship!

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