Unicorn Drinks (Glitterfalls Edition)

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Glitterfalls Magic

Every Relicus phone case is bursting with its own unique personality, and the Unicorn Drinks Glitterfalls Edition is no exception. This mesmerizing phone case shines bright with all the colors of the rainbow.

Give it a quick shake, and you’ll hypnotize everyone around you with the most luxurious phone case you’ve ever owned. The fact that it’s waterproof and fingerprint-resistant is a bonus!

Special Unicorns Need Special Drinks

Legend has it that Unicorns drink only the sparkling waters that flow in the River Unisteria in the Kingdom of Alixadria. This fountain of youth is said to strengthen the Unicorn’s magical powers and keep them looking young.

Now, you too can experience the magic of this mythical, magical drink in the palm of your hands, all day every day!

Unicorn Drinks (Glitterfalls Edition)

Shine Bright Like a Unicorn!

Sure, there’s no proof unicorns exist - but is there any proof they don’t? At Relicus, we believe in the power of magic, dreams, and sparkles.

That’s why we created this adora-bubble unicorn phone case, making your life just a little more enchanting every time you pick up your phone.

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