Golden Path (Velvet Edition) - Azalea / iPhone XS Max - onsale
Golden Path (Velvet Edition) - Hydrangea / iPhone XS Max - onsale
Golden Path (Velvet Edition) - Amaryllis / iPhone XS Max - onsale
Golden Path (Velvet Edition) - Clematis / iPhone 11 - onsale
Golden Path (Velvet Edition) - onsale
Golden Path (Velvet Edition) - onsale

Golden Path (Velvet Edition)

🌟 Give your phone the look it really needs 🌟


The Epitome of Elegance

Every female is a woman, but not every woman is a lady. Golden Path fuels your feminine side so you can stand out as a luscious lady in a sea of other women.


Choose your exquisite design and wear the integrated ring every time you chat with beloved family and friends. Golden Path is THE definition of understated elegance, shrouded in beauty and mystery. 


More Than Just a Phone Case

Gorgeous pastel colors ooze femininity and style, while sharp geometric lines are ideal for the perfectionists out there.


Golden Path makes standing out from the rest a breeze, with a phone case that’s been polished to perfection to empower YOU to SHINE, girl.


Beauty For Life’s Greatest Adventures

Whether you’re making magic on your laptop at Starbucks or channel-surfing at home-sweethome, one glance at this fabulous phone case is enough to remind you of just how amazing you are.


You have taste and style beyond anything those around you could ever understand


Pick Your Poison

Choose between the below styles and add to your cart right now - STOCK IS LIMITED! Order now to avoid disappointment. We can’t wait to make your life just a little better, with Golden Path.


Who said money can’t buy happiness? 



  • Waterproof: We design all of our cases to be waterproof and washable.


  • Fingerprint Resistant: We use state of the art material to avoid finger prints that ruin the glossy look.


  • Impact Protection: Designed to absorb impact on fall to minimize or avoid damage, so your phone is protected.


  • Relica Coated: Golden Path is coated with Relica, a special silica which protects the pattern and contents of the phone cases so that they may last years of usage without any visible wear.


Package Includes:

  • Case
  • Ring