Sea Diamond (Gold Edition) - Sunset / iPhone 7 - +socket Case cases

Sunset (Gold Edition)

🌟 Give your phone the look it really needs 🌟


Let the sea be your guide!

Inspired by the outstanding qualities of the SEA, these cases are exceptionally beautiful!


Each persona is designed with an aspect of its beauty, their grace is what you must see and feel yourself.


Sunset - Crown of the Sea

The sky broke like an egg into full SUNSET and the water caught fire.

To truly understand a sunset, you have to feel what it conveys to you: the significance, the meaning of it.




  • Waterproof: We design all of our cases to be waterproof and washable.


  • Fingerprint Resistant: We use state of the art material to avoid fingerprints that ruin the glossy look.


  • Impact Protection: Designed to absorb impact on fall to minimize or avoid damage, so your phone is protected.


  • Relica Coated: Sea Diamond is coated with Relica, special silica which protects the pattern and contents of the phone cases so that they may last years of usage without any visible wear.