Marine (Emboss Edition) - Reef / iPhone X
Marine (Emboss Edition) - Coral / iPhone X
Marine (Emboss Edition)
Marine (Emboss Edition)
Marine (Emboss Edition)

Marine (Emboss Edition)

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Any diver can tell you that Coral Reefs are beautiful. They are like undersea cities, filled with colorful fish, intricate formations and wondrous sea creatures.


The importance of coral reefs, however, extends far beyond the pleasure it brings to those who explore it.


Coral reefs play an essential role in everything from water filtration and fish reproduction to shore line protection and erosion prevention.


We 100% support Coral Reef preservation and we can show their love by wearing this case as a symbol!


Bonus Features:

  • Water Resistant
  • Fingerprint Resistant
  • Impact Protection


Package Includes:

  • Phone Case


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