Liquid Diamond (Gold Edition) - Aurora / iPhone 11 Pro Max - +socket, Case, cases, iphone case, onsale
Aurora (Gold Edition) - +socket, Case, cases, iphone case, onsale
Aurora (Gold Edition) - +socket, Case, cases, iphone case, onsale

Aurora (Gold Edition)

🌟 Give your phone the look it really needs 🌟


Steal Attention! 

All of a sudden you become the center of attention with your exquisite style of fashion.


Everyone wants to know your secret but they can't, there is something different about you, something unique and beautiful.


Gold plated shards are embedded into the beautiful transparent back polished to perfection which covers the outstanding print of beauty, they sparkle in the light glittering reflections unlike any other whilst they tame anyone who catches even the slightest of glimpse.



Hand-made to be unique and exclusive so no two cases would be exactly alike and every case is unique, this is done while placing the reflective shards inside the silica that protect it, then it is polished to perfection to become silky smooth heaven.


Socket Ring is hand-made as well. Silica Gems are glued one by one on top of the circular marvel until it can no longer hold, then it is left to dry.


Once completely dry, they are packaged each differently, ready to be dispatched.


  • Waterproof: We design all of our cases to be waterproof and washable.


  • Fingerprint Resistant: We use state of the art material to avoid fingerprints that ruin the glossy look.


  • Impact Protection: Designed to absorb impact on fall to minimize or avoid damage, so your phone is protected.


  • Relica Coated:  Liquid Diamond (Gold Edition) is coated with Relica, special silica which protects the pattern and contents of the phone cases so that they may last years of usage without any visible wear.