Flower Garden (Gold Edition)

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For those who are passionate and want no sacrifice to the core essence of their phones.

Flower Garden is our take on the ones who like decoration and design with no sacrifice on the core essence of your phone.

You can have your phone brand shown proudly while giving it a very personal touch of personality.

I am full of passion, a passion so rare

If you are PASSIONate then you aren’t just lucky, you share unique characteristics. You work hard, you trust your intuition and most of all, you persevere!

Flower Garden (Gold Edition) - +socket discontinued onsale

Desire set my heart on fire, dignity tames my flame

DIGNITY is that graceful elegance about a person's appearance, movement, personal style or behavior. To be graceful is to be strong and assured in who one is and to move gently within that energy.

Flower Garden (Gold Edition) - +socket discontinued onsale

I am noble, I choose to be humble

NOBLE is one of those qualities everyone looks up to. It's because it's essentially a choice to be so. It takes time to cultivate such attributes, but the wonderful thing is each of these traits are built not born with. Simply choose to be noble and eventually, you are.

Flower Garden (Gold Edition) - +socket discontinued onsale

My heart is fearless, it is wild

WILD one does not hand everything on a silver platter. She is hard on people because she sees potential in them, she sees more than just the surface. A wild woman wants more and she does not settle for an almost something.

Flower Garden (Gold Edition) - +socket discontinued onsale

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